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the most fun kids can have using microsoft office

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Is just like Microsoft Word but for kids! MaxWrite allows kids to create stories, letters and invitations with an artistic flair.

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Kids can create their own Microsoft Word documents using MaxWrite’s easy-to-use icons and tools, including its very own creative drawing tool MaxPaint. They can choose from dozens of new and fun templates for invitations, flyers, letters and cards that spark children’s creativity.Kids and adults can engage and disengage the Max's Toolbox interface with a single mouse click, so all users can easily share Microsoft Office.

Highly visual and interactive, attracting both children and adults to explore its capabilities, Max's Toolbox is a fresh new approach to the serious business of teaching children how to use computers effectively.

Max's Toolbox is a unique educational software product that uses text-to-voice and graphics to maximise its interactivity and appeal across all age groups. This product will fundamentally change current thinking about development of educational software for children and the approach to teaching children computing skills. Unlike other software developed for children, it provides direct technology skills transfer, enabling children to develop practical adult skills from a very young age..


•    Series of clip art designed for younger children
•    Attractive templates such as invitations and birthday cards
•    A drawing tool that lets children create their own graphics or personalise the

     Max's Toolbox clip art graphics
•    A reading feature uses text to voice technology and Microsoft Agent (Peedy)

     to read the whole story or selected text within the opened document
•    Using specially designed icons that are easy for children to identify
•    Range of activities and an Insert Picture function

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